About Us

Pet repair

The following is our mission statement and the values of crossrdsanhosp.com

Giving exceptional care and compassion for your pet because it is part of your family and in return you are part of ours.

Collaboration – together our doctors and you, your family and your pet can function as partners. With that together we can care for the quality of life that your pet/pets deserve.

Integrity – All of the vets here believe in one thing, being trustworthy and honorable. Because you are trusting us with your littlest family members, and we want to get them back to the best shape that we can. With that the only way to get there is to lay all of the cards out on the table and to do what needs to be done for your care and your family.

Compassion – Since it is your family sometimes it is hard to hear some sort of news. At crossrdsanhosp we know that and we have all been in that spot before and want to see you and your pet to be in the best place possible.

Respect – We want it and you deserve it. Not only here at the hospital but in public and throughout the community.

The pride we have is known through out the community. We take pride in the work we do and all of the vets here base all of there work around that. If you have seen us before we welcome you back and if you are making an appointment for you loved one for the first time, we cannot wait to meet you. After all you are family.