Services That We Offer

Pet Services

Pet CareKeeping you pet in tip top shape is our number 1 goal. With that here are some of the services that we offer to help you and your loved one where you need to be.

Dentistry – We provide for you little one

  1. Dental X Ray
  2. Extraction of bad or diseased teeth
  3. Polishing of the healthy teeth.
  4. And Tooth disease treatments

Medication – We do have a pharmacy in house and if we do not have it in the pharmacy we can get it to you overnight. We carry over 1600 different types of medications for many different types of pets and problems. We use them for inpatient care and for dispensing it for you and your loved one to take home.

Well Visits – We suggest that we see you pet on a annual appointment even if they are feeling well. Not only can we get the vaccinations for your pet but also we can help prevent future downturns in health.

Visits When Sick – Of course we are here just for that. When your loved one is not feeling well even if we have not seen them here before we welcome your family. We are here to help them get better.

Pet ServicesBoardingĀ – We know that all of us cannot take our pets with everywhere we go. So for those over night business trips or those vacations we can help. Please look to us for boarding your little ones (pets) while you have to be away. But the sooner the better because weekends and holidays tend to book up fast. When you leave your pet with us we take care of them as you would so be rest assured that they are safe and feel at “home” with us.

Nutrition – For those who loved ones have or need special diets we have you covered. From obesity to allergies to heart disease to kidney disease to diabetes we have their diet need supplies here for you.


We have many more types of services that are not listed. If you have any questions please call or email us so we can take care of your needs.